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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merging fabrics

I have 2 Brocade 300s and 2 BES that I want to merge into 2 fabrics. The domain id on BR300s is 1 and on the BES it is 2.


If I create the ISL links, at what point does it attempt to merge the zoning cfg files?


I do not want to get this wrong!



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Re: Merging fabrics


As soon as the isl comes up, the switchs attempt to merge. But the zoning in both ends has to be the same, otherwise the merge will fail.



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Re: Merging fabrics

Thanks for the response.


The steps: -

Connect fibre between BR3 (domain 1) and BES1 (domain 3)

Enable ports for trunking.




What happens at this point?


There is a cfg file on both so what happens when it attempts to merge - does it prompt us and report any issues such as duplicate zones/aliases.


This is the scary bit as we don’t know what will happen and we have a number of business critical servers that we can’t afford to lose access to the luns.


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Re: Merging fabrics

In order to merge 2 fabrics, there are several rules that should be kept:

1. Domain id and switch name  of all switchies have to be different and unique.

2. Those parameters have to be the same (if you never changed it, and kept defaults values- you at the safe side):

• Data field size
• Sequence level switching
• Disable device probing
• Suppress class F traffic
• Per-frame route priority
• BB credit
• PID format

3. Effective zone configuration should be the same, or one of them has to be empty or without affective configuration.

Moreover, you can see all zoning scenarios at any "FOS admin guide" under "Zone merging scenarios" table.


Anyway, if all rules are met- the fabrics will merge.

If something gets wrong- the fabrics won't merge, and will appear as "segmented", but any damage should not occur.


Best Regards,


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Re: Merging fabrics

Thanks Eli.


Sorry about slow response but I was busy elsewhere.


I will perform the merge next month with some assistance from a Brocade guy.


I will keep your notes close to hand in the planning.



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