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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merged brocade 4100 - relocating switches

Hi All,

This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but please bear with me as I am a novice in the san environment..

I have 2 old brocade 4100 switches configured as a merge fabric, hosts are dual connected to both switches..  I am wanting to physically move/relocate the switches without significantly impactings the hosts and end users..  However I am a litte confused about how merged fabrics work and how the switch role (subordinate/principal) affects my plans.

My original plan was to power down the subordinate switch, disconnect the fibre patch leads including the ICL

Then physically relocate the subordinate switch, repatch the fibre patch leads to the hosts and reconnect the ICL, power on the subordinate switch and verify all hosts have access to all paths..

Wait a couple of minutes..

Then I was going to repeat the process with the princial switch, shut it down, disconnect patch leads including the ICL, relocate and repatch fibre leads and power on the switch.

Will this work or do I need to change the switch roles somehow when they are relocated?



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Re: Merged brocade 4100 - relocating switches

Hi Paul, to give you a short answer >> this should work.

However, depending of the type of zoning used and switchport configuration its more or less crucial to reconnect the fibre cabling at their original port.

Instead of waiting a few minutes to proceede with the other switch I would check if the switch has merged with your fabric first possibly even want to fcping or check for traffic.

The roles pricipal and subordinate has to do with who's the "boss" of the fabric. Election is an proces which should have no impact on the host.

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