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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merge two fabrics


I have 4 Qtys of new IBM SAN 40B switches. These will replace the existing 4 x IBM SAN-32M  switches configured as dual fabric.

We need to create single fabric with these new switches while replacing the old.

Note: IBM SAN 40B is brocade and IBM SAN 32M is McData switches.

We plan to get the configs of both fabrics on two SAN 40B switches and merge the fabrics - resolve the conflicts manually. We dont have FabricManager.

Can someone advice a better method - listing out the steps involved ?

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Re: Merge two fabrics

--->>> We dont have FabricManager


you can use DCFM Professional.

this Produtc is for free, but restricted by Port / Domain ID

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Re: Merge two fabrics

Why do you have a need to merge new and old fabric?

If every device is dual pathed and connected to both fabrics it is quite simple.

1.) setup the one Brocade fabric of two switches.

2.) create the needed Zoning via CLI on the Brocade switches

3.) patch the cables from McData Fabric to Brocade Fabric

4.) Enable on all servers the failed pathes. Some OS will recover the new pathes automaticly. Some need a rmdev....

Check if all devices run as expected. Then run the same task on the second fabric.

This is not a complete step by step guide.

I hope it helps,


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Re: Merge two fabrics

... I'd also suggest checking/upgrading the firmware on the switches if needed and checking the interopmode on both sets - you can set them both to McData open mode or set the brocade to McData fabric mode: which one you choose ultimatley depends on what the end goal is (consolidation or expansion). Also, be mindful of the domain IDs....

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