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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merge/ISL question

Hello all, hoping you can help.

Two fabrics all brocade.

fabric "A"

sw 1- FOS 5.1.0A         4100
sw 3- FOS 5.3.0a         5000
sw 5- FOS 3.2.1            type 9.2 (DS16-B1?)
sw 7- FOS 6.3.1A         5100

fabirc "B"

sw 2 FOS 5.01          4100
sw 4 FOS 5.01          4100
sw 6 FOS 3.2.1         type 9.2 (DS16-B1?)
sw 8 FOS 6.3           5100

I'd like to ISL two new 6510s, one each to sw7 and sw8.  6510s are currently at FOS 7.0.0.

Checking combatibility matrices etc my sw7 and sw8 (5100s) at 6.3 are ok with new 6510s at 7.0

The question is, although not suported, if the 6510s are simply ISL to ONLY (compatible) 5100s will there be any issues while I decommission the other older switches (sw1/3/5, sw2/4/6)?

I assume I am ok to proceed as the above current listed fabrics have been residing togther for quite some time and long before I took ownership.

I just am uncertain what if any risk there is having the older switches/FOSs on the same fabrics even though they are not directly connected (ISL'd) to the new 6510s.

Thanks for any and all guidance.

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Re: Merge/ISL question

Hi pcsh!ley,

you should upgrade all your switches to a FOS 6.x version before you connect the 6510.

Please look in the Compatibilitymatrix to wich patchlevels of each Main Versions you have to upgrade.

Otherwise you will run in problems because the pre V7 switches are not be able to push zone configurations.



Kind Regards
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Re: Merge/ISL question

Ralf, thanks for the input.

Are there any other issue you or anyone can mention?

The idea would be to freeze any changes while the new switches are introduced, host cabling moved, and the older switches decommissioned. 

Again I simply need the capacity from the new 6510s to remove the older switches from the environment and was trying to avoid any upgrades on the existing as they will be gone shortly thereafter.

I know what I should do or is recommended, I'm just looking to see what is possible or what others have accomplished with minimal adjustments to the environment.

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