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Memory Problem on Silkworm 4100

Hello Everyone,

I have a Silkworm 4100 that just froze over the weekend.  I rebooted the switch and noticed "Memory write failed, wrote 0x00000000 @ 0x00000000, read 0x54fcb202, TR1 0x4040084c" and there are additional memory errors.

I see that the memory has failed so is it possible to replace the memory on the switch?  I do not see any parts available online.

I will find out if there is warranty on this switch but I don't think I should count on it.


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Re: Memory Problem on Silkworm 4100


excepted Power Supply, FAN and SFP, no other FRU Parts are available for the 4100, and no other parts can be ordered by Brocade.

4100 Used a Standard DDR RAM, i believe 512 MB whit ECC, see this PIC here, open the switch and see which exact Modul is Installed.

You can replace this Memory Module, whit another Module, same specificatios by Size, MHz, CL, etc... no other module is supported.

Brocade 4100 Board.JPG


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