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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mcdata switch port has no TX signal.


A very basic question: Should there be a TX signal coming out of an "unused" port of a SAN switch (Mcdata ED140M)?. I am confused whether the TX signal from the switch port should be coming out only when the switch port is connected and zoned to something or should a TX signal be coming out of all the switch ports (used and free)

Thank you.

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Re: Mcdata switch port has no TX signal.

An sfp will light up if it gets power. AFAIK an enabled port has its SFP lit and an disabled port hasn't.

But lit doesn't mean its visible light as 1310nm SFP used for long distance is invisible for the human eye.

It can be made visible by using the camara from your cellphone or something similar

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Re: Mcdata switch port has no TX signal.

Dion statement is correct, when SFP is inserted TX is send automatically and TX light is Power On.

Is long time ago,.... but as fair i remeber for 6014 and 6140 Director is another command available to disable TX power on inserted/unused Port instead Port Disable.


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