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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mcdata 4700 Boot problem

I have just receive a McData 4700 with boot problems..see below for output

Partition 1 is empty and wants LMA.EL0 to be reloaded. Partition 0 has 9.3.1 on it and that version is not available for download as far as I can tell. I am going top assume that I need to reload the same version as on Partition 0. If I select switch partitions, I get the same result.

Does anyone know if this is possible to fix and if so where to get the appropriate version and instructions?

Initialize CF.... DONE

cf_binfile_check(): CHECKSUM

call boot_dwnld(3)

<< BOOT Area Terminal Access Control >>

** Warning:  The file LMA.EL0 is either not present or corrupt

Partition 0: SSP Version 09.03.01 3  **ACTIVE**
Partition 1: Empty

Enter BOOT Area Terminal Access password: xxxxxx

(1) File Download
(2) Switch Partitions
(3) Display File Directory

Make selection (1,2,3): 3
                 Size                                     Base  
               --------                                ---------
Partition 0:  (ACTIVE)
UUARAIN EL1      2B4Ch  07/21/2007 03:47    09.03.01  3                0h
LMARAIN EL0     344BCh  07/21/2007 03:47    09.03.01  3               40h
SSPRAIN L21    67DAD6h  07/21/2007 03:49    09.03.01  3              C40h

Partition 1:
     UUA EL1         0h                                              8000h
     LMA EL0         0h                                              8040h
SSP_LOAD L21         0h                                              8C40h

Upper Partition:
SSP_DIAG O21         0h                                             10000h
  SYSTEM DMP         0h                                             10800h
    DATA DAT         0h                                          FFF80000h
    BOOT EL2     20000h  10/28/2005 11:53    08.01.00  14        FFFE0000h

Make selection (1,2,3): 1
Begin file download (hit CTRL-X five times to abort)...

Filename............. None

Hit any key to re-boot...

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Re: Mcdata 4700 Boot problem

In the past, post another user a similary error here in the community.

I 've search for that but cannot find it.

I believe, - but not sure -  you need when Option 1 is selected, to Download the Firmware trough TFTP

have you trying to download the FW whit TFTP as you start with 1 ?

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Re: Mcdata 4700 Boot problem

It looks to me like it is looking for a z-modem transfer and I did try that with a 9.9.0.bin file and it rejected the filename. I can extract the file into its components and the file I need is there but it's a 9.9.0 version and 9.3.1 is not available to download. I don't think TFTP will work as I have no ethernet at this point on the switch. Do you know where I can get 9.3.1 or do you think I should try the version closest to that?

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Re: Mcdata 4700 Boot problem


Downloading it now and will let you know how I progress....

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Re: Mcdata 4700 Boot problem

Hi There

Any luck with this? I seem to have a similar issue. Does anyone know the actual password to "enter" the boot area?

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Re: Mcdata 4700 Boot problem

Hi There


Any luck with this? I seem to have a similar issue. What is the password to "enter" the boot area?

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Re: Mcdata 4700 Boot problem





- redips (spider spelled backwards)

- neergcm (mcgreen spelled backwards)

- password (password spelled the right way)

- level-2



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