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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mcdata 4500

I have 2 4500 that I would like to add to the fabric BUT the password is not known. How can I recover or change the password?

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Re: Mcdata 4500


bevore you execute this procedure below, note please follow:

The switch will be full reset to Factory default, all license ( Port License etc... ) will be lost, except the standard 8 Port License.

This is the ONLY! way and methode to reset the password:

Here the Procedure to reset the password, you must connect to the switch trugh the COM Port, web reset is not available.

Power switch On, by command prompt, edit the Password "neergcm", if the login successfully:

1) pcp swoff - enter

2) pcp nvreset - enter

3) pcp swon - enter

logout and reboot the switch



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