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Mcdata 4500 - Lan port dead?

Had an issue with either a power outage or heat today and now the McDATA 4500 switch is not responding to ping or http requests, and despite port LEDs lit is not passing data to/from SAN.

Not clear why, but the serveer room UPS system tripped this afternoon (high server room temp related trip - perhaps)

Now on power up the 4500 err LED is lit, yet the reset button appears to function and when the switch is reset all the leds go out (including error)  & the LEDS then run through normal diagnostics, but the error light comes back on, yet all connected FC ports light up. The LAN port shows as connected on the cisco LAN switch - yet no response from http or ping.

In addition to a potential power glitch, the server room got very hot today, so it is possible that the unit has tripped a heat sensor and will reover as it cools?

There is no sign of life from the serial console - but prior to today this connectivty was never tested, so could be a serial cable issue.

So questions are

a) what error is being reported if the rror LED lights up on power up and reset button 10Sec press?

b) Would excess heat cause a shutdown? How to reset if this is the case?

c) What pin out is the serial cable?

Many thanks


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Re: Mcdata 4500 - Lan port dead?


for the 4500 User Manual, is attached here.

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Re: Mcdata 4500 - Lan port dead?


Thanks for the manual.

For anyone with same issue, what had happened is for some reason the 4500 switch lost its settings and thus the ip address reverted back to factory default, althoguh the password remained. AAttaching wireshark on a power up revealed the issue.

However still no life from serial port perhaps as it needs a special cable, or at least diffrent to the cables I had to hand.

Good news is that the switch is now back in service.



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