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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mcdata 4500 (DS-24M2) amber lights on

Dear folks,

1) I have a DS-24M2 switch which i need to reconfigure to connect to new Fabric. I have removed the switch from the fabric and it is has no fiber cables connected to it currently, just lying at my desk. When i power on the switch, the amber error lights for all the ports lit up and the switch shows status of "Not operational" and shows that all ports and CTP card  have failed in connectrix manager basic edition. When i reseat the SFP for all the ports, the amber light goes away and switch returns to "fully operational state". Is this normal behavior?.

2) Is the switch port status supposed to show as "failed" when no fiber cable is connected to it?.

3) How do i verify if the CTP and ports are fine

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Mcdata 4500 (DS-24M2) amber lights on

This may have several reason

1 - Config is Active and the Switch is looking\ wait for a connection to SAN or Device

2 - Firmware Problem


Are you ale to Login trough the GUI ?

See in he Manenance Field for some error.

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