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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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McData Open Fabric Interop

I have two Brocade 5300 switches that were just installed a couple months ago. They are ISLd to (2) McData 4700 switches. The McData Interop Mode is Open Fabric 1.0.

I've recently attached a couple of standard Windows servers to the Brocades. However, when attempting to configure the Zones via the McData interface, the WWNs of those server's HBAs don't appear as potential Zone members. I successfully zoned a new type library plugged into these Brocades just a few weeks ago and I'm fairly certain there have been no configuration changes since.

I'm new to managing these Brocades so I'm looking for a little assistance in determining why the McDatas don't see the WWNs for these hosts. The port status on the Brocades shows the HBAs logged into the port, port type is F.

The servers are Dell PowerEdge M610 (Blades) with QLogic QME2572 HBAs. HBAs are configured via SANSurfer as Loop Preferred, otherwise Point to Point and set to auto negotiate speed. Running Windows StorPort driver

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Re: McData Open Fabric Interop

make sure you have correct compatible EOS and FOS loaded for details refer the release note.

with nsshow command ( Brocade switch ) can you list all device are connected.

note that some feature are in the FabricOS GUI not longer available, you need to install DCFM.

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Re: McData Open Fabric Interop

Thanks for the feedback. I have verified compatible *OS' are installed.

Nsshow does list all of the connected devices correctly.

In my current configuration, I don't typically perform any management tasks via the Brocade interface other than name the ports, since I'm operating in McData interop.

I worked with support and the only suggestion was to down both fabrics and bring them back online. On a side note, I am able to zone the host by manually entering the WWN. It looks like my Brocades somehow think they're the principle switches in each fabric, instead of subordinate. Supposedly the reset should force my McDatas to become principle again.

I'll post an update once I've had a chance to reset the fabrics.

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Re: McData Open Fabric Interop

So power cycling the entire fabric did resolve my issue. Thanks again for the assistance.

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