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McData 4700 and pcp nvreset


I have two MD 4700 switches that I need to reset the password on. I have used the site here and found the instructions for my particular software release (08.00.012 build 2).

Instructions are to login using redips or neergcm. (no problem, although strangely one switch does not respond to neergcm...)

enter pcp swoff

enter pcp nvreset

enter pcp swon


however after entering these commands, the switch does not reset.  The ip configuration remains as was and the default login info does not work.

Here is my command output:

{P} SSP>pcp swoff

{P} SSP>pcp nvreset
PCP Custom Commands are already registered.

{P} SSP>pcp swon
PCP Custom Commands are already registered.

{P} SSP>

At this point i haveexited and rebooted the switch by holding the reset button for 10 secs as well as simply pulling the power plugs.

I must be missing something elementary.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: McData 4700 and pcp nvreset


did you ever get this resolved?

i just acquired an ES-4700 and am in the same boat.  I can't get into the swtich and the posted reset procedures do not work.

if you have any information, please post or contact me at "brian dot chinn at professionalconcepts dot net"


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