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Marginal status. Brocade 200e


Please help.

One of our brocade switches has a "Marginal status ".

Error log :

Sv Jan 15 2012 21:05:55 GMT+00:00WarningRes Flash 0, is above high boundary(High=85, Low=0). Current value is 87 Percentage(%).Switch11071FW-1402fcsw-m1-1
Sv Jan 15 2012 21:06:19 GMT+00:00WarningSwitch status changed from HEALTHY to MARGINAL.Switch11081FW-1424fcsw-m1-1



Fabric OS:  v6.0.0b

Made on:    Fri Jan 18 21:32:13 2008

Flash:    Fri Jan 23 11:47:32 2009

BootProm:   4.6.6

I have tried supportsave -R, but did not help. No core files found.

What can I do next?

Can I see the flash filesystem?

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Re: Marginal status. Brocade 200e

--->>>Can I see the flash filesystem?

about FW-1403, this message is usually visible if Flash percentage is increases.

login as "root" execute the command df to verify the used flash percentage.

FW-1424 stay indicated:

Indicates that the switch status is not in a healthy state. This occurred because of a policy violation.

Run the switchStatusShow command to determine the policy violation.

FW-1402, try with the command "supportsave" to move dump file to FTP.

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Re: Marginal status. Brocade 200e


But I understood, that "supportsave -R" should delete dump file as well. Is it right? Or I have to use "supportsave" to move dump file as you described.

df output :

Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/root               121008     99992     14772  87% /

/dev/hda1               120992     98736     16012  86% /mnt

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Re: Marginal status. Brocade 200e


Try command 'cleanup' in order to clean obsolte files. You may decrease the used space in the switch file systems.


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