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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Marginal ports


Is there any possibility (a command ?) to have a port coming from marginal status to healthy status without disabling/enabling it when the port faced a link failure ?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Marginal ports

I am not sure if my understanding is right.

Sometimes a port gets marginal when you have some wrong Fabricwatch settings configured.

You can check this with fwportdetailshow. If you have ports marked in one column with an "X" then you should have a look in the corresponding FabricWatch settings. Please have a look before you reconfigure FW if you have no increasing error counter on the affected port.

Only in that case FabricWatch is causing this marginal status and not a faulty component.

But if you see error counter increasing on the affected port then please do a cleaning on the cable and sfps or replace the components.



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Re: Marginal ports


As Andreas wrote, depending on the FW configuration a port can remain in Marginal state even though the condition that makes it marginal is no longer present. Please check the FW config for the LF events in this case, probably you have the low threshold with a value of '0'.

In order to get rid of the marginal status, you can disable/enable FW on that particular port and then the port will go HEALTHY again.


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