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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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MAPS reports Current Value of 0mVolts on SFP.

Hi all, 


I hope you can help me with the following issues. We have activated an adjusted moderate setting of MAPS in our SAN, now we regularly see MAPS report 0 mVolts for SFPs. The attached hosts do not experience any issues and the SFP show normal voltages values when querried with sfp show. 


Here is an example message. 

2016/07/14-15:23:06, [MAPS-1004], 1816900, SLOT 7 | FID 128, INFO, VDT_P_B2n, SFP 2/11, Condition=ALL_OTHER_SFP(VOLTAGE<=2960), Current Value:[VOLTAGE,0 mVolts], RuleName=defALL_OTHER_SFPVOLTAGE_2960, Dashboard Category=Port Health.


Is that sth to worry about and how can we check that without disabling the MAPS setting. 


Thanks in advance.

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Re: MAPS reports Current Value of 0mVolts on SFP.

Looks like MAPS is currently very buggy. We've seen lots of false alarms about fans, temperature sensors, and even frame losses. Some of them are already found to be fixed in FOS 7.4x. What FOS version are you running?

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