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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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MAPS email alert field values

hi Team,


I am setting up MAPS for a customer and after generated the test email he received it as below


Switch Time:
Affected Entity:
Rule Name: Test mail from switch
Current Value:
Dashboard Category: N/A
Switch Name: xx_Brocade7800_xx
Switch WWN: 10:00:50:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Switch IP: 10.xx.xx.252
Fabric Name: uninitialized
VFID: 128


Now there are fields in the email like Fabric name showing as unitialized though the switches are configured and up, and other fields like Switch Time, Affected Entity etc.

I would like to know where  in MAPS or Switch I can configure those fields so that the email alerts will show the necessary values for it?

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Re: MAPS email alert field values

Here ya go:


BRCD_sw01:admin>fabricname --set <your_chosen_fabric_name>


Note, double dash before 'set'! Requires admin or higher priviledges.


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Re: MAPS email alert field values



Thanks doc.

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