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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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MAPS Brocade 6510 email configuration



During the configuration of new 16G platform switches with MAPS I have discovered something which I can't overcome. With Fabric Watch there was a command fwmailcfg which was in fact great and you could configure a lot of thig there.

However since MAPS there is just relayconfig which ONLY has possibility to configure ip and domain name of mail server...


Of course as you might imagine emails are not going through despit proper configuration:

mapsconfig --show
Configured Notifications:    RASLOG,SNMP,EMAIL
Mail Recipient:,


+ relayconfig is in place.


We have a rule on our relay that it needs to come from known address and in Brocade if you enable MAPS there is no possibility to change switch sender email or even send a test email.


Anybody found a solution for that?

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Re: MAPS Brocade 6510 email configuration




Please, try the following commands, I reckon they're pretty much the same as it was with FabricWatch:


mapsconfig --emailcfg

mapsConfig --testmail




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