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M5424 Switch - Port Status = UNMONITORED?

Hi All,

I have a Brocade M5424 switch within a Dell M1000e Chassis setup as an Access Gateway that is connected to a Brocade DCX.

I have a server that is a double height blade occupying Slots 8 & 16.

When I logon to the switch via a CLI session I run a switchshow and see the folllowing:

UKFCBBLENDR54:admin> switchshow
switchName:     UKFCBBLENDR54
switchType:     75.0
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Access Gateway Mode
switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:1e:e9:f9:53
switchBeacon:   OFF

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto
  8   8   020800   cu    N8   Online      FC  F-Port  20:02:bc:30:5b:6a:69:d4 0x019f41
16  16   021000   cu    N8   Online      FC  F-Port  20:02:bc:30:5b:6a:6a:3c 0x019e41

So the ports are online and the HBAs are enabled.

However when I check DCFM to carry out the zoning I cannot see the WWNs.

If I check the Port connectivity for the switch I can see other ports on the switch logged in and the port status as "HEALTHY".

However Ports 8 & 16 have no WWNs connected and have a port status of "UNMONITORED".

I assume this is the problem however I cannot find a way of changing the status from unmonitored to healthy.

Searching the web seems to suggest it is a licensing issue however I have checked other working switches and the the switch with the problems has the same licenses as other working ones.

Anyone got any ideas on what the issue could be here?

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Re: M5424 Switch - Port Status = UNMONITORED?

Could be a licening issue with fabric watch, but i don't think so.

Perhaps its because of the AG mode...i heard that is a bug in DCFM but have no source.

Apart from the wrong status in dcfm and consequently zoning issues, are you able to zone the wwn's with CLI or Webtools to their designated targets?

If its a bug (or something else) in DCFM you should be able to add least do

zonecreate zonename,"member1;member2"

cfgadd yourzonecfg, "zonename;andontherzoneperhaps"


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