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M Series 6140 EOS Firmware Upgradation

Hi All,

I have been planning to to upgrade 2 x M-6140 Switch's firmware , currently  these are running on  EOS - 09.08.01.

but not sure whats the latest version of firmware available .

This is the first time I am doing this. Can some one help me with the latest firmware which are compatible for this model & any procedure guides for this ??

if any one has experienced preoblem's with latest firmware please share them too

Thanks & Regards


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Re: M Series 6140 EOS Firmware Upgradation

Hello Pavan,

All products must be running E/OS 9.6 or higher before upgrading to M-EOS v9.9.9. If a product is operating with a firmware level below 9.0, you must upgrade to version 9.6 or later version before installing M-EOS v9.9.9.

If you are using EFCM to manage your Directors then, M-EOS v9.9.9 requires EFCM v9.7 or higher. EFCM must be at the minimum level before installing the new M-EOS firmware. Note that EFCM is not required, but is recommended for operating hardware products using M-EOS.

Upgrading to M-EOS v9.9.9 is non-disruptive for attached devices. Limitations to upgrades or downgrades are clearly identified to the user if there are any limitations in performing the operation.

The switch or director is not required to be offline before performing an upgrade or downgrade operation. Some customer environments use application or host software that may be affected by the restart of the CTP during a HotCAT download operation. Applications that rely on inband management servers are especially prone to problems caused by processor restart.

Now Let me Understand your environment first. I have 2 Questions for you.

1. Are you Using EFCM to Manage your 2 x M-6140 Switch's
2 . What Version of EFCM are you using (If So)

Upgrade Considerations Prior to Upgrade

1. If you have EFCM 8.7 or later, you can perform a direct migration to EFCM 9.7.3 without a stop-over at EFCM 9.1.
2. Upgrade your EFCM 9.1 to EFCM 9.7 before upgrading the director's code to M-EOS v9.9.9. (Due to Compatibility)
3. Download M-EOS 9.6 and  M-EOS v9.9.9.
3. Backup Switch Configuration from Element Manager of EFCM on each Director. ( If No EFCM Used, Back it up from the CLI)
4. Backup the Zoning Information. ( If No EFCM Used, Back it up from the CLI)
5. Backup the Support Data Collection. ( If No EFCM Used, Back it up from the CLI)
6. Download the EFCM 9.7.3 to the Management Server.
7. If you are using EFCM, Upgrade your EFCM to EFCM 9.7.3 directly.
8. Then Upload your M-EOS 9.6 and M-EOS v9.9.9 on Switch 1 from the EFCM (Else use the CLI to perform this task ) and once its completed the
    Standby will  take precedence over the active. (Likewise for the second Swtich)
9 .  Please Read through the Brocade M-EOS v9.9.9 Release Notes v1.0 which can be obtained from "Release Notes" Download by M-EOSc.

I hope this Info Helps you!

Manoj Menon

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Re: M Series 6140 EOS Firmware Upgradation

Hi Manoj,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Currently I am using EFCM 9.7 Build 45 . Switches are running with firmware version 09.08.01 , I am assuming that this is nothing but 9.8.1

in that case I can upgrade directly to 9.9.9 instead of  upgarding to 9.8.3 then to -->9.9.9.

we are using EFCM , do I need any special licence for upgradation to DCFM.



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Re: M Series 6140 EOS Firmware Upgradation

Hello Pavan,

Yes in that case you can directly go for 9.9.9 also M-Series Devices like 6140, i10K with Firmware Code 9.7 and above are tested by Brocade And yes DCFM requires a license and normally you will get it with a Integrated Licensed Version. But you will have to verify that with your reseller.

However you will also get a 75 Day Trial Pack just to test out the functionality.

Hope this info is helpful....



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