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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Lun mapping

Hello all:

i have to configure 2 brocade 300 switch , i've read some documents tomake zonning and join both switches , but something is disturbing me;

i build a some luns in a storage device , i need some of them been see by server a , others for server b and some others by server c, but all then are seen for all server .

I did 3 zones , zone a grouping fc wwn from host a , zone b  with fc from host b and zone c with fc from host c , but still every host have access to all luns.

  defzone  --noaccess
   alicreate “storage_alias-1”, “WWN-1”
   alicreate “host_a_alias-2”, “WWN-2”
   alicreate “host_b_alias-3”, “WWN-3”
   alicreate “host_c_alias-4”, “WWN-4”

  zonecreate “zone_a”, “storage_alias-1;host_a_alias_2”
  zonecreate “zone_b”, “storage_alias-1;host_b_alias_3”

  zonecreate “zone_c”, “storage_alias-1;host_c_alias_4”

  cfgcreate “zone_all”, “zone_a;zone-b;zone_c”


  cfgenable  zone_all

this is acording a seein some documents....

how can i do to map every lun to every host , and not  share them?


thank s in advance

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Re: Lun mapping

Zonning just separate communication between ports of different devices with each other.

You need configure the lun masking on your storage device.
If you say me what storage do you have, I think, I can help you in this issue.

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