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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Looking for core switch administration tasks

I have some experiences DMS switches, things like setting up zone, alias, configuration etc, but never had any experience on core switches since  SAN scale here is relative small.

Would you please list these tasks that usually are required to be done on core
switches, or those need to be done between core and edge switches? Any
documents on core design, or configurations? Thank you!

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Re: Looking for core switch administration tasks

Basically it consist of more of the same you're currently doing in terms of zoning.

If you have a bigger setup that allows for Core-Edge designs to work, you perhaps what to look at

-principal switch selection

-selecting a seed switch for BNA

-setting SCC/DCC and the like policies

-perhaps have Backbone fabrics for your long haul links

-implement VF

But you can do all those thing on a small setup as well.

In my opinion, the requirements of your Organization are more important than the size of the setup.

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Re: Looking for core switch administration tasks

I will work on each one of items listed as core switch function.

Would you mind to list some commands and can represent some features on core switches, and the command would not be working or shown on the edge switch? it may be helpful for me to get a straightforward idea on what "core switch" really is.

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