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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Logging into Virtual Switches.

I did some searching and didn't find a similar post.  I'm having an issue logging directly into a logical switch and would like a second set of eyes.  My logical switch is FID 33.  I've created admin33 for this and given it a password.   Telnet doesn't connect and SSH gives me the login screen.  When I attempt to login using that password I get access denied.

Here are the user config values:

Account name: admin33


Enabled: Yes

Password Last Change Date: Fri Aug  3 2012 (UTC)

Password Expiration Date: Not Applicable (UTC)

Locked: No

Home LF Role: admin

Role-LF List: admin: 33

Chassis Role:

Home LF: 33

And the screen...IP omitted:

login as: admin33

admin33@xx.xx.xx.xx's password:

Access denied

Should this work this way or am I missing something procedural?


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Re: Logging into Virtual Switches.


You must specify a "Chassis Role" permission, they are the same of LF. So if you like minimal permission to the chassis context guive it the user one. Try change the permission with the command below

     userconfig --change admin33 -l 33 -r admin -h 33 -c user -e yes

Let me know if it work!!!

Best Regards


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