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Limitation of objects in AD for authentication in FOS and BNA?

Hi all

I'm desperately trying to integrate the user management of our switch infrastructure in our active directory domain. Unfortunately I was quite unsuccessful so far..

Brocade Network Advisor:

It seems that not all groups are shown when I try to fetch them out of the LDAP (other LDAP browsers are able to show all 30K+ objects). I could not fount any hints for a limitation in the official documentation, but from my point of view there is no other explanation for this behavior. Some groups which are sharing the same OU as that one I need to integrate are showing up, but other not.

Brocade DCX and DCX-8510 (FOS 7.0.1b):

I have the same issue with the FOS. I did the whole configuration according to the available documentation and still it is not possible for me to logon via LDAP. After I saw that the BNA was unable to fetch all groups, I've tried it with one which was available. And as soon as I took one of the group which the fetch have been showing, the login procedure worked fine with LDAP. Again I'd like to raise the question of limitations and how I can somehow shift around those limitations.

Many thanks in advance,


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