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Licenses available on Brocade 200E

Hi everybody,


Does someone have a list of available licenses to buy or to get for free on a Brocade 200E SAN switch ? I would like to buy 2 switches for a personal lab so i would like to get more details about available features.


Thank you

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Re: Licenses available on Brocade 200E

There is no such thing as "for free", however you could try to contact Brocade directly to obtain licenses for educational purposes.

Also i can vaguely rember you can generate time based licenses (90 days expire) at no add. cost, but once they expire you'll lose functionality on certain events (like port disable or switch reboots for instance)

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Re: Licenses available on Brocade 200E



In the Brocade 200E data sheet you can see the optional (licensed) features that this model supports.


Basically are the following:

  • Ports on Demand 
  • Fabric watch,
  • Extended Fabrics, 
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring, 
  • Fabric Manager,
  • Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking



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