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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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LSI7204 HBA pretends to be target on Brocade 200E Web Tools

Hi there,


I‘ve got a couple of LSI 7204 HBA. Dual Port 4 GBit/s.

On my Brocade 200 E (FOS 6.2.0) one port seems to be a intiator but also be a target. Thats what the Zone Admin un Web Tools says.

Usually the XX:XX:73 is the iniator whereas the XX:XX:72 pretends to be a target - at least in the interface of the Brocade.

This what I see in pictures:

Target? It‘s not.

Detail view

The cards in OS X Yosemite

Fibreconfig -l


This does not make sense to me and poses strange problems.

Anybody have a clue? I am runnig OS X Yotemite on those cards. Firmware version is

Both ports connect via N-Port.


Thanks for any help…



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