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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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LSANs and Virtual Fabric

few questions about LSANs and Virtual Fabrics:

can a wwn be on more than one LSAN?

can LSAN be configured without Virtual Fabrics? 

I need to connect several switches, all of the remote switches needs to be zoned to a signle WWPN on the central switch, and I cannot ISL those switches since I don't want that administrator of the remote switches will be able to see the zone list of other switches


meaning - I have central switch, and remote switches A,B,C.

I want to create few LSANs that contains a single WWPN on central switch, each with initators that resides on switches A,B and C.

I don't want A, B and C be on the same fabric. However I need to use the same target within all three zones

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Re: LSANs and Virtual Fabric

Yes, the same WWPN can be present in several LSAN zones.

What you are trying to configure should be possible even without VFs. Your "central" switch will be your FCR backbone, and your A/B/C switches will be edge fabrics. I don't remember the "backbone to edge" routing conditions by heart, but I really hope that this is an exact case for your scenario.

If not, there is one more ootion: you will need to split your "central" switch in two VFs: one will become the FCR, and another one - just one more edge fabric with the device shared to other "remote" edges.

Hope that helps.

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