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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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LSAN Zoning

Question about LSAN zoning in the following siutation:


I have a 7800 at Site Y and a 7800 at site Z.  Neither switch is connected to another fabric.


I want to create a zone involving an initiator from Site Y and a target from site Z.


The switches will communicate with each other over IP based network (WAN) using ge1 on each switch so will be configuring VE ports.


Since they are not part of any other fabrics, I wont need to worry about FCR and keeping the two switches in separate fabrics, therefore I'm not going to use VEX ports.




Do I have to create an LSAN to allow the two devices to communite with each other between the switches? (Again, not using FCR).






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Re: LSAN Zoning



If you are not using FCR, then you need the switchs in both datacenters to become a single fabric. Otherwise, you won't be able to communicate devices at different sites without FCR.

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Re: LSAN Zoning

As they are in the same fabric as felipon said, you don't need an LSAN zone. But of course you should zone them with a normal zone.

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