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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎06-04-2012

LDAP issue on Brocade 200

Hi Friends,

I am configuring LDAP on multiple switches in our environment. I did configure on most of Brocade switches. So far we have the below models and thier FOS

Brocade 200 - FOS 6.2.2g (this is EOL, hence we could upgrade to max 6.2.2g)

Brocade 300, 5100,5300,6505,6520,DCX --> FOS 7.4.1e

Except on Brocade 200 switches, rest all switches the LDAP auth was successful. I believe since this (Brocade 200) being an old switch, there might be some other workaround. The LDAP settings output are as below;

SAN-2:user1> aaaconfig --show
RADIUS configuration does not exist.


Position                 : 1
Server                   :
Port                     : 389
Domain                   :
Timeout(s)               : 3

TACACS+ configuration does not exist.

Primary AAA Service: LDAP
Secondary AAA Service: Switch database

SAN-2:user1> ldapcfg --show
        LDAP Role       |       Switch Role
        ABC-ABC_SAN_Group      |       admin

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