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KSWD Critical error


<BR>0x245 (fabos): Apr 15 15:51:35<BR>Switch: 0, Critical kSWD-kSWD_GENERIC_ERR_CRITICAL, 1, kSWD: 'nsd:0'RfP=582,RgP=582,DfP=0,died=0,rt=36104,dt=0,to=50000,aJc=-15396,aJp=-31929,abiJc=1701058208,abiJp=1701041608,aSeq=258712,kSeq=0,kJc=0,kJp=0,J=3888<BR><BR>Error 50<BR>
<BR>0x22b (fabos): Apr 15 15:51:35<BR>Switch: 0, Critical uSWD-uSWD_GENERIC_ERR_CRITICAL, 1, uSWD: Application nsd from switch Instance 0 failed to refresh<BR>Current Refresh Count = 36104<BR>timeout = 500<BR><BR>Error 54<BR>

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Re: KSWD Critical error

Hi jbsanchez,-&gt;&gt;&gt; Another question is how to analyze core dump files.<BR><BR>i not know a tools to analyze a dump file, this can be analyze by brocade.<BR><BR>HAM-REBOOT_REASON, 4, was Fixed by 4.1.2c.<BR><BR>-&gt;&gt;&gt; I know that the firmware version is too old and I will upgrade it ASAP....You must Upgrade the FabOS Step-by-Step. By the 3900 is Supported the latest v5.0.5c and/or v5.1.1b and/or 5.2.1b please see here the Compatibility Matrix and Release Notes for details according you Environment.


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