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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Isolate replication traffic

Hi All,

Is possible to isolate my replication traffic from my host IO?


I have a dual fabric SAN comprising of 4 5100 FC Switches. I do not have any
trunking licence.

Currently there is 1 ISL on each Fabric and all our host IO crosses this. We
are in the process of implementing Replication between two HP P6500 Arrays (one
in each site) and we want to ensure that the replication traffic does not
contend with normal host IO by introducing a second ISL on each fabric.

How can I direct replication traffic along one ISL and Host traffic along
the other?

The current routing policy is Port Based (SID/DID).

aptpolicy = 1


IOD = is SET

Any suggestions appreciated.



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Re: Isolate replication traffic

Hi, you can have more than one ISL between two switches without a trunking license. Put the cables in different port groups.

There is a special type of zone (TI or traffic isolation) you can create to dedicate paths through the fabric. I believe HP recommends that you dedicate a host port per controller in the P6000 (at least they edid with older EVAs) for replication. There may be a Fabric OS requirement and possibly license too.

Oh, and if you do someday get trunking consider exchange routing instead for better utilization of the links (in HP's CA you can also specify which routing policy is used in the SAN).

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