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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Is there available Brocade documentation on FC Router protocol (FCRP) as it appears mentioned on fcrRouteShow help page?

Hi there,


I've got some info about FCRP from the excerpts of Josh Judd's "Multiprotocol Routing for SANs" book available on Google library but this is not enough.


I'm interested in getting insights about proper configuration of Meta SANs with multiple egde and backbone cascaded fabrics. I'm aware that multi-hop routing is not supported yet. My case Is with edge fabrics adjacent to multiple backbone fabrics and these backbone fabrics do not share the same set of edge fabrics.


I sketch below an example situation, with one FCR flow between host H1 and storage S1 through backbone BB1 and a completely separate FCR flow between host H2 and storage S2 through backbone BB2:

            -------       ----        ------         ----         -------
H1----| Edge1 |--| BB1 |--| Edge2 |--| BB2 |--| Edge3 |----H2
            -------       ----        ------         ----          ------
                                         /     \
                                      S1     S2


Is this topology supported? If yes which are the rules for FID allocation? 


Thank you!

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