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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Interconnecting Brocade 300 with Sphereon 4700

Hi all

I just want to interconnect my new brocade 300 with my old Sphereon 4700 (this one is already configured and its on production). Basically i have this scenario... we got 2 SAN (HITACHI) one is hitachi df700-rkajat and the other one is a df800-rk2 I want the Brocade 300 to be the master (this is is not yet configured just the web based management) and the sphereon 4700 as the secondary fibre switch. Does anybody can send me a tutorial how to do that or something ? I never workd with this fibre chann sw.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Interconnecting Brocade 300 with Sphereon 4700

If you want to ISL Btocade to McData, keep in mind the Brocade in order to set in Interopmode must have FOS 6.x.

FOS 7.x not longer support interopmode command.

I would suggest for details, you should refer the Command Reference Manuals and FOS Administrator Guide.


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