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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Integrated Routing

For connectivity between 2 sites that are 500KM apart we are using a FC-IP link. Do I require integrated routing license included ?

Guessing we need, but would like to have a second opinion..

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Re: Integrated Routing

No. For Fiber Channel over IP(FCIP) extension the switch does not require Fiber Channel Routing(FCR) or Integrated Routing license. The FCIP is considered extension by IP , and not native FC. 


Please see Brocade Fabric OS Extension Config Guide, 7.4.x(or the FOS for your version) 53-1003507-08 page 33 for details. You will need Advanced Extension for many features of FCIP such as Open Sys Tape Pipelining, Adv Rate Limit, etc. 


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Re: Integrated Routing

Ok, then under what scenarios is Integrated Routing licensed ?


Thanks for answering in advance :)

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Re: Integrated Routing

The Integrated Routing license is required for FC-FC routing between Fabric OS fabrics.

The Integrated Routing license is not required for connectivity between Fabric OS and Brocade Network OS fabrics or between Brocade Network OS fabrics connected by an FC router. The Integrated Routing license allows FC ports to be configured as EX_Ports (or VEX_Ports) supporting FC-FC routing, also known as FCR.


The FC-FC routing service provides Fibre Channel routing between two or more fabrics without merging those fabrics.


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