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Installing 8GB Blades in a 48000

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We currently have 2 48000's running FOS 6.4.3e. Each has (5) 32 port 4gb blades in slots 1,2,3,9,10. We just purchased a 32 port 8gb blade for each switch. I'm assuming that the 8gb blade can simply be inserted into any of the unused slots with no disruption or outage. Is this correct ? Are there any potential issues that i need to be concerned about ? Although we're fully redundant between the 2 switch fabrics, I'd REALLY prefer not to have either of the switches experience a disruptive event (like a panic and reboot) when I insert the blades. Thanks !

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Re: Installing 8GB Blades in a 48000

i think you are ok to just insert the blades. the only additional thing you can potentially do is to check if you really have the stated version of FOS on both active and passive CPs of each director. also, if you have a very long uptime (300+ days) on the active CP (as i know that old 48Ks tend to run for a long time without any issues) you might do reboot of the passive CP, wait till hashow will report up and sync, and do hafailover. however, i think you understand that this action includes some risk in itself. good luck anyway!
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Re: Installing 8GB Blades in a 48000

That should be OK. Better if you make sure the HA is ok and perform the tests recommended by by our friend.


Another concern is about Back end Over subscription wich on FC8-32 is 4:1. Keep in mind that when you start to populate the new blade. Do your best to priorize local switching, using the same asic to both storage and host connections.


good luck!

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