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Import root certificate to FOS 8.0 switch



We are about to upgrade our switches to FOS 8.1.x

We know about the problem with SSL certificates and we got a procedure to import the chain (root-intermediate-switch) to the switch while concatenating the different parts into 1 single file.


  • We have around 100 switches and all switches have a valid SSL certificate installed.
  • We have the pem file for each switch.
  • We have the root.pem file.

We could start, for all switches, doing on a Linux based machine "cat switch.pem root.pem > new_switch.pem" and import this for all 100 switches!


... but : Isn't there a way to just add (import), with FOS 8.0 command, only the root part?


Thank you for your comment!


Best Regards

Laurent Zotto

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