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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Impact of changing the principal switch in a fabric

Hello community!

I currently have four active Brocade switches, two in fabric A and two in Fabric B.  I'm adding a new switch to each fabric, then removing an old switch from each fabric.

The old switches are empty (no connections except for the E port connection to the other switch) but are also the Principals for their respective fabrics.

Any horror stories I should know about regarding "fabricPrincipal -f 1"?  I backed up my configshows, and it all sounds so simple... but thats usually when the wheels come off.



-Matt B

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Re: Impact of changing the principal switch in a fabric

After a little extra research, also I'm wondering if - in my "two Brocade switches per fabric" world - I even need to bother with forcing the principal setting on a switch...

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