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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Hi, I have a scenario where I could use a peer review.


We have three FC switches in our environment, they are ISL'd as shown below.


Switch 1 <-> ISL <-> Switch 2 <-> ISL <-> Switch 3.


The plan is to retire switch 2, however its ISL link to switch 3 is still required because there are hosts attached to Switch 1 which need to access a storage array connected to switch 3.


With all three switches in its current state, is it possible to establish an ISL between Switch 1 and Switch 3?  All switches have the same zoning configuration.  I have a escalation support case opened, however I was also hoping to leverage some of the other SAN Admin's experience out there to see if anyone has come across this scenario.


Thank you

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yes, you just need to add ISLs between switch 1 and switch 3. Triangular design is pretty common.


Once you enable the first ISL between switch 1 and switch 3 all the traffic between devices on these two domains will be all rerouted to the new ISL(s) only due to lower link cost / hop count / FSPF (Fabric Shortest Path First).



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Thank you for the reply.  Creating the ISL in this manner was done sucessfully with no issues.

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