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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL uplink beetwen Nexus and Brocade

Hello All,

I have a brand new set of Nexus 5548 that I need to connect to my old Brocade (V6.2.1) switches,   does anybody of you have a how-to document about how to create the ISL link?  I actually just plugged the nexus switch to my Brocade switches and was able to see the WWN's of my test blade enclosure (connected to the Nexus) on my Brocade switch.   However, any changes to the fabric (zoning, new aliases) cannot commit unless I disconnect the cable.  Anyway, I haven't done any kind of special configuration and was wondering if somebody has a document or some experience about this (how to set up NPV, etc).

basically the topology would look like this:

C7000 Virtual Connect -> Nexus 5548 -> Brocade



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Re: ISL uplink beetwen Nexus and Brocade

5010 and 5020 was supported and certified by EMC with additional FC Expansion Module to Brocade Fabric

we post here "in the community " at several time, see threads link below

since Cisco 55xx have same deign as 50x0, I think you can ISL 55xx with Expansion FC Module to Brocade

The C7000 in such case would Communicate trough any Cisco Eth Port.


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