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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL trunking different SFP and distances


In anticipation of the renewal of my SAN, some questions of concept have arisen.


I have 4 cables currently in disuse of FC that connect 2 sites, 2 cables with length to 4KM and other 2 with length of 12KM.


If I want to create ISL trunks between the two delegations. Would these approaches be correct?,Is it possible to live together different types of SFP and distances in a TRUNK ISL?


1º- 2 ISL trunking (1 per fabric) formed by 2 FC cables per fabric, 1 cables belonging to the line of 4KM with SFP LW 10KM and another line of 12KM with SFP of 25KM. In this way, each ISL has different physical paths to reach its destination.


2ª - FABRIC 1- ISL trunking with cables of the line of 4KM with SFP LW 10KM and FABRIC 2 ISL trunking with cables of the line of 12KM with SFP LW of 25KM


Thanks to the forum for the help.

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Re: ISL trunking different SFP and distances



ISLs in a trunk need to have the same length. So option 2 is only possible.



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