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ISL's between Mcdata Interpid 6140 and a 48K

Hi Gurus

I have some questions to the above.

Customer has a fabric with a Brocade 48K (6.4.0 in interopmode IM2) and a Mcdata(Brocade) 6140 (9.09.05). There are more switches in the fabric but these are the ones in question
There are 4 4GB ISL's between the switches. They are all LW as there are 15KM between the sites
The setup has been running for some years now. And they have had performance issues a long time.
I have looked at the setup and this is why I have some questions.

How do you define ISL links between Brocade / Mcdata switches correctly. I think the buffer setup is wrong on the 6140, I think more buffers are needed because of the distance.
Is it possible to setup Long distance for a Mcdata as you can with Brocade with LE/LD modes. And if yes how is it done so it works between Mcdata and Brocade(48K)
All info I can find suggests that Mcdata will auto allocate buffers to a port, is that correct.
I think the buffer credit is a part of the problem because we see that the ISL's never goes over 150MB/Sec, the performance goes up and down but the max is 150. So it lines out at 150MB/Sec.
I have seen this before where long distance was not configured in the right way.

Is it possible to setup some kind of trunking between the two switches like open trunking ?.

So it all comes down to this:

Supported way to setup long distance ISL's between a 6140 and a 48K ?.
Trunking between 6140 and 48K.

I would also like to know if it is a supported solution or not

I hope you can give me some suggestions, or places to look.

Very best regards


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Re: ISL's between Mcdata Interpid 6140 and a 48K

ISL Trunking in IM2 and IM3 is only allowed on FOS Based Plattform

If you are satisfied with the responses please mark as 'Answered'.
If not, just let me know I can see to get more info.
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Thank you.

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