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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL between McData and 4900

I have two networks of fiber switches that are located in the same datacenter but not connected together and I need to ISL both of them together and having some issues.

Environment description:

Fiber Network 1 – All 2 GB links

Domain ID 1: Switch Name: sw1 (McData DS24M2), Domain ID 3 : Switch Name is : sw3(4800)

sw1 and sw3 are ISL-ed together.

Domain ID 2 : Switch Name: sw2 (McData DS24M2), Domain ID 2 : Switch Name: sw4(4800) .

sw2 and sw4 are ISL-ed together.

Fiber Network 2 – All 4GB links

I have another Fiber switch network that is not connected to the above fiber network.

Domain Name AD , ID 0: Names of switches are: sw1 , sw3,sw5,sw7,sw11 - All 4900

Effective Zone Configurations: F1

Domain Name AD , ID 0:  Names of switches are: sw2 , sw4,sw6,sw8,sw12 - All 4900

Effective Zone Configurations: F2

Now I want to ISL the following ports:

- One port on sw3 on Domain ID 3 to one port on sw11 on Domain AD ID 0 where the effective Zone Configurations: F1.

- One port on sw4 on Domain ID 4 to one port on sw12 on Domain AD ID 0 where the effective Zone Configurations: F2.

I connected one port on sw3 to another port on sw11 and one port on sw4 to a port on sw12.

From sw11/sw12, i see error on the ports connected to sw3/sw4: segmented-incompatible.

Any idea how to go about connecting and configuring this ISL connection.. The other thing is that sw1/sw2/sw3/sw4 names are being used on both SAN networks and once I ISL both networks together, how switches with the same name are going to show there.

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