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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL between Brocade and Cisco MDS 9148 FC Switch

Dear All,

We have Brocade FC Switch (HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switch)

HICHPFCSW1:admin> switchshow

switchName:     HICHPFCSW1

switchType:     72.3

switchState:    Online

switchMode:     Native

switchRole:     Principal

switchDomain:   103

switchId:       fffc67

switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:33:bf:81:8c

zoning:         OFF

switchBeacon:   OFF

We also have Cisco MDS 9148 FC Switch.

We want to ISL these two switches.

We have storage connected on Cisco Switches, we want to make it available to Brocade Switchs.

We have put the fibre cables between two switches.

We want to know how we can proceed with the same?


Ashish K

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Re: ISL between Brocade and Cisco MDS 9148 FC Switch


one way would be to enable "Access Gateway" on the Brocade HP-Class 8/24c switch.

You would then need to do all the zoning and configuration on the Cisco-switch.

There is a good and extensive "Access Gateway Administrator's Guide" about that.

You could also enable NPV on the Cisco-switch (and use the Brocade switches as the master).

You could use interopmode, but this is not supported in Fabric OS 7:

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Re: ISL between Brocade and Cisco MDS 9148 FC Switch


All the options mentioned by Guldmyr are ok, but among them I recommed you to config the Brocade switchs as "Access Gateway" devices: it would be the less disruptive and faster way to connect those Brocades.

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