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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL behaviour

Hi Folks,

I have 2 6505 SAN switches connected over a DWDM connection in long distance mode, configured by simply following FOS Admin Guide chapter 27 ( FOS 7.1.0a ). The ISL works as far as I can say and it seems to be stable.

So I started playing around with the ISL and disabled on one switch the ISL port. I would have expexted that enabling that port again simply recreates the ISL but it doesn't. I have to reenable both ports again otherwise they keep in state Port_Flt. Is this the normal behaviour even in case the DWDM link fails or is this only when a port was manually disabled ?



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Re: ISL behaviour


since 6505 and 6510 are 16G Plattforms.... try follow:

Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Though FEC capability is generally supported on Condor3 (16G capable FC) ports when operating at either 10G or 16G speed, it is not supported when using active DWDM links. Hence FEC must be disabled on Condor3 ports when using active DWDM links by using portCfgFec command. Failure to disable FEC on active DWDM links may result in link failure during port bring up.


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