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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL advanced documentation


I am looking for an advanced documentation about ISL.

Is someone has that kind of doc?




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Re: ISL advanced documentation

Hi Drassilaf,

I wish I could point you to a document that gives you exactly what you need, but alas none that I could find.

  • As you'd already know, the link connecting 2 switches is an ISL.
  • When you connect 2 switches they merge to form a single fabric.
  • A fabric can have only 1 zoning database. So if they are different, its your job to make it the same.
  • The port speed at both ends of an ISL must be the same.
  • You can combine 2 or more ISL's to the same switch to form a TRUNK group.
  • You can connect switches in different ways to adapt to various standard Fabric architecture. Most common is core-edge.
  • Flow control parameters must be the same. If you use switches from the same vendor and rely on defaults this should not be big deal.

Connecting 2 switches can be as simple as connecting a cable or as difficult as analysing configs for more than a week.

Some good documentation


Biju Krishnan

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