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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL Configuration from LE to LS mode

Hello Team,


I have to change the configuration of LE mode ISL to LS mode. also have to increase the buffers on this. The below command ill use for mode change and buffers set:

portcfglongdistance 0 LS 1 -buffers 320


Please let me know if any changes required in it.. or i am good to go with this...


Along with the above ill set few more parameters:


check the status of ISL port 22 on both the switches --- >> portcfgshow 22 (save it for future reference)
decom the ISL port 22--- >> portdecom 22
disable the npiv capability of e port --→>> portcfgnpivport --disable  22
lock the port to e port ---→>> portcfgeport 22  2
check the status of ISL port 22 on both the switches --- >> portcfgshow 22


Below is the current configuration on one of the ISL port as of now :


portcfgshow 22
Area Number:              22
Octet Speed Combo:        1(16G|8G|4G|2G)
Speed Level:              AUTO(SW)
AL_PA Offset 13:          OFF
Trunk Port                ON
Long Distance             LE
VC Link Init              OFF
Locked L_Port             OFF
Locked G_Port             ON
Disabled E_Port           OFF
Locked E_Port             OFF
ISL R_RDY Mode            OFF
RSCN Suppressed           OFF
Persistent Disable        OFF
LOS TOV mode              0(OFF)
NPIV capability           ON
QOS Port                  OFF
Port Auto Disable:        OFF
Rate Limit                OFF
EX Port                   OFF
Mirror Port               OFF
SIM Port                  OFF
Credit Recovery           ON
F_Port Buffers            OFF
E_Port Credits            OFF
Fault Delay:              0(R_A_TOV)
NPIV PP Limit:            126
NPIV FLOGI Logout:        OFF
CSCTL mode:               OFF
TDZ mode:                 OFF
D-Port mode:              OFF
D-Port over DWDM:         OFF
Compression:              OFF
Encryption:               OFF
FEC:                      ON
FEC via TTS:              OFF
8G Non-DFE:               OFF(Auto)

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Re: ISL Configuration from LE to LS mode



yes you should be good with this.



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