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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL Brocade 4424 to Cisco 9222i

I have documentation that lists a couple different options to correct interoperability between the Brocade 4424 & Cisco 9222i.

Those are:

1. Cisco's "Interopmode 1" and Brocade's "Interopmode (true)"

2. Cisco's "Interopmode 3" and Brocade's "Interopmode (false)" with Core PID enabled

I'm not sure which is better or worse and or why.

Also, which switch would we then use to manage the fabric? Or could we use both?

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Re: ISL Brocade 4424 to Cisco 9222i

Your cannot manage/admin beetwen the fabric from Brocade the Cisco Switch and/or vice-versa.


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