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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL 5300 and 8510-4 switches


I have a question on ISL.  I am about to ISL a 5300 to 8510-4. The 5300 is currently the fabric principal, I already set the domain ID on the 8510 to a unique, also did a cfgclear. 

8510 – Output.

NYAPBCADE01:dmotiela> fabricprincipal

Principal Selection Mode: Disable

Principal Switch Selection Priority: 0

5300 – Output

nyapbcade11:dmotiela> fabricprincipal

Principal Selection Mode: Enable

Principal Switch Selection Priority: 0x1

My Question is, when I logged in to the GUI of the 8510, the switch mode is showing Principal with Mode Type 1.  Will this change from Principal to subordinate once I ISL them?



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Re: ISL 5300 and 8510-4 switches

Yes.It will will be changed to subordinate after establish ISL to merge it.



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