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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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IPFC on a DCX port

HI All,

There is a DCX port in my SAN where a Windows server is connected and its showing as IPFC FCP and I have trouble in getting it scanned on CX?

How can we disable the IPFC on this port?



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Re: IPFC on a DCX port

--->>> How can we disable the IPFC on this port?

Is the Port as EX_Port configured ? see below.

IPFC over FCR allows the routing of IPFC traffic between different EX_Ports where EX_Ports are

connected to an edge fabric that has IPFC-capable devices. IPFC traffic is routed between EX and

VEX Ports. IPFC traffic can be related to the same edge fabric or to different edge fabrics.


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