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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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IFL between two DCX-4s.

I need help in setting up IFL between DCX-4s, each connecting using DWDM. Right now site-A is active(production), this week we will be bring site-B up. To configure IFL between dcx-4s what configuration changes should i make(if possible please provide step by step process. I don't want to screw this up, site-A is in production).  I was looking into brocade documents i couldn't find IFL between two DCX-4s.

  Site-A                                                                                          Site-B

DCX-4s Fab-A(E)------ONS ------DWDM------ONS------(EX)DCX-4s Fab-A


DCX-4s Fab-B(E)------ONS ------DWDM------ONS------(EX)DCX-4s Fab-B

Appreciate your help.

Thank you


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Re: IFL between two DCX-4s.


in order to configure a Port as EX_Port,  you need IR= Integrated Routing License or FX8-24 Blade.

here is a great article about how to configure such IFL, the Principe is the same's#Creating_FCIP_Connections


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