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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ICL License

Hello Champions,

I need a help on Brocade DCX ICL License.

we have 2 DCX SAN switches in existing setup , running individual Fabrics.

Recently we have bought 2 more DCX switches.

Plan is to expand each fabric by connecting 1 DCX switch over ICL (Inter Chassis Link) connectivity.

Along with the new switch i got following License.

2 nos. of Inter Chassis LINK activation feature

2 nos. of Server Application Optimization Activation Feature.

Can this license are Sufficient to setup 2 fabrics, each having 2 DCX switch connected over ICL.

My beleive is we need to have ICL License installed in each SAN switches (that means I need total 4 ICL license)..!!!!

What is Application Optimization Activation Feature ??

We have to implement the ICL as soon as possible.

An Immediate help will be highly appreciated.


Edwin P

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Re: ICL License

You need an ICL license on every DCX which you want to ICL.

In your case you need 4 licenses.

2 for the ones you already have

2 which you bought for your new DCX's

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Re: ICL License

Hi Dion,

Thanks for your revert. It answers my query.

I need order two more license in my case.


Edwin P

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